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In 1997 Forrest & Debbie Graves quietly began a quest for the perfect cup of coffee. They realized that “coffee” has been a tradition dating back for centuries, and that it has been the catalyst to the warmest conversations and the newest beginnings for people throughout the world. It wasn’t long before they realized that the perfect cup of coffee would need to be a special roast from hand selected green coffee beans. They purchased coffee from around the world, and poured hours, months, and years into trials and research until they were convinced that they could offer a superior coffee. In 2004, they focused on detailing their business plan and began to build the business of what is today JumpinGoat Roasters. In 2008, they committed to more roasting trials while launching their business and were pleased with the feedback in terms of the richness and complexity of their coffee. Great coffee was the beginning with a strong focus on implementing the highest quality standards in every package. JumpinGoat Coffee is regarded by many as “The Best Coffee ever tasted.”

JumpinGoat Coffee derives it’s name from the legendary discovery of the coffee “cherry” by an Ethiopian goatherd, Kaldi. He saw his goats jumping and playing after eating cherries from a certain tree and tried them himself. He found they gave him energy. He took the cherries to the local monastery, and the monks made a drink from them. They thought the cherries were a gift from God because they could stay alert in their long hours of evening prayer. Over time, coffee evolved into a drink enjoyed all over the world. JumpinGoat Roasters is proud to bring you some of the worlds finest coffees.

Mission Statement:  

The mission of JumpinGoat Roasters is centered around providing significant product value to our end users.

We realize that "value” means different things to different people; therefore, "We are committed to the highest quality standards, products, and the most sincere customer service".

The following values will guide our decisions on a daily basis.

  • Promote conscious sustainability and cultural dignity and diversity.
  • Respect for resources, people, and community.
  • Provide a clean, safe, and respectful work atmosphere.
  • Endeavor to be a responsible, ethical, and profitable organization.
  • Embrace consumers as the lifeblood of our business.
  • Apply the highest quality control standards in our purchasing and roasting while consistently redefining “fresh.”


email: coffee@jumpingoat.com

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