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Quality Coffee 

We realize quality can be highly subjective. Factors that can affect the quality of coffee are growing, processing, and handling conditions, air, soil and even altitude. Shipping and storage can also affect the taste and complexities of coffee. Each bag of green coffee that arrives at our facility in Cleveland, Ga. goes through the rigors of our own evaluation standards for freshness. If the coffee meets our grading standards, we then cup the coffee to grade its taste and complexity before any beans are sold to our end users. We only evaluate and purchase the coffee we would drink ourselves, and that is the highest quality standard we could imagine.

Coffee Roasting

At JumpinGoat, we believe that roasting coffee is both an art and a science. The artisan in us wants to hold steadfast to the personal attention taken to roast each batch by carefully measuring time, temperature, and a very careful physical evaluation with our own nose, eyes and ears. When we started roasting we needed to make a decision to automate our operation or not. We chose not to automate, because we believe that people would ultimately rather experience a product made by hand than with the sequence of automation. This may be analogous to home baked bread versus the bread you buy off the shelf or the fresh apple pie your mother made versus the pies that are produced in an automated factory. Each product scenario certainly has a place and a market. The point is that once we start roasting your coffee, a Roast Master is actively monitoring, heat, time, and temperature, while assessing the roast throughout the process with careful attention to detail.


We also subscribe to certain science when it comes to roasting. Even though coffee and roasting can be traced back for centuries we realize there is still much mystery around the coffee bean. We are very interested in ongoing development in the area of improved machinery. Our endeavor is to remain committed to the discovery of a roasting process that limits our carbon footprint. We currently recycle our bean chaff, broken beans, and coffee burlap bags. We do this by using our bean and chaff to support organic gardening. The burlap bags are typically recycled as weed barriers.

Coffee Cupping


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