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Coffee Cupping

Cupping is a formal coffee tasting technique used to evaluate coffee's fragrance, aroma, taste, body, and aftertaste. We evaluate our coffee at our Cleveland, Georgia roasting facility before the coffee goes to market. 

Our cupping samples consist of pouring hot water directly onto a light roasted ground coffee in a small cup. This is where the full complexity of coffee is acquired. Typically the fragrances and aromas that are found in light and medium roast are burned off at darker roasts leaving the more intense acidity flavors and stronger aromas. Every cupping session is critically important as a part of meeting JumpinGoat's rigorous quality standards.

Fragrance: Assessing the smell of the grounds before water is added is referred to as the fragrance of coffee.

Aroma: After the coffee has steeped for approximately 3 minutes, we break the crust that has formed on top of the water with a cupping spoon. Taking a deep sniff into the nasal cavity, we evaluated the burst of the coffee's aromas.

Flavor: We evaluate the flavor of coffee by taking some coffee into the spoon and slurping the coffee strongly to aspirate it over the entire tongue. If you have never seen a cupping session, you're missing out on a fun observation for obvious reasons. Many cuppers have their own unique aspirating techniques, and they aspirate very strongly because it is best practice to cover the entire tongue. Aspirating also helps the nose to detect due to the aromatic compounds in coffee.

We then record the results of fragrances, aromas, and flavors, and pass our cupping results on to you to assist you in ordering the specialty coffee of your choice. 



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